Pull Tabs

You can choose from our wide slection of Three Window Pulltabs and Five Window Pulltabs.

We carry pull tabs from all the major manufacturers. Dakota Kid pull tabs, Rainmakers pull tabs, Big Mac pull tabs, and many others. Pull tabs are in stock for immediate shipment.  Read on to find out a little more information about our pulltabs.  HamPT


What are Pull Tabs??
Pull tabs are a small game of chance that are purchased in sets or deals. For security purposes, each set or deal is factory sealed and given a unique serial number. Players can purchase game cards, or tickets, printed in a variety of themes, for a small fee, usually $0.25 to $1.00. They pull off the perforated or die-cut tabs on the tickets to reveal matching graphics or a dollar amount declaring them a winner.

Pull Tabs come in 3, 5, or 6 window games and in variety of themes, from holidays, to animals, to Lucky 7’s. These easy to read, full-color symbols grab players’ attentions. Each deal also comes with a matching flare that displays the prizes that have been already awarded in the set.

Prizes on the tickets range from $0.50 to over $1,000 and any ticket may contain multiple winners. Each set or deal has a specific form number. A form shows the number of cards in the set and how much money is collected from the sale of all the tickets. The form also shows the definite payouts and profits if all the game cards are sold, the payback percentage and the win ratio.

When you sell pull tabs, players notice high top tier prizes, which keeps them buying more tickets throughout each session. Players can spend between $20 and $200 a night on pull tab games. The larger the variety of pull tabs available, the more incentives to buy! This all translates into raising more money for your charity!
Payouts with a ticket count exceeding 4,000 and/or a prize payout less than 65% and/or with prizes exceeding $500 are not available for sale in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The laws that determine the legality of games change constantly. It is the responsibility of the game operator to determine which games are legal in any given area.